. This vibration is aggravated and transmitted through the equipment body, pipelines, and equipment supports. The larger the size of the equipment and the greater the gas flow, the greater the intensity of the sound produced. Exposure to this sound for a long time can cause damage to the hearing of the operators. To reduce these noises, a silencer can be used. The structure and design of the silencers are such that the sound-absorbing materials used absorbs the noise generated and reduces it's intensity by converting it into heat. Contrary to popular belief, the noise source is not only caused by the gas flow pattern at the bottom of the pressure-reduction valves but also partly due to the pressure and undesirable gas flow state in the system. This means that the main sources of noise and vibration will be at the regulator's outlet. At this point, the gas flows with a critical pressure drop and at the speed of sound. This phenomenon leads to pressure fluctuations in the gas flow, which may stimulate vibrations in different parts of the regulator and its upstream and downstream equipment. The most efficient and cost-effective solution to this problem is the use of silencer, which is produced from a variety of carbon 

steels and stainless steels. Other materials can be used for gases with certain compounds. To achieve optimal efficiency, the silencer must be installed immediately after the regulator's output. Apadana Petro Farayand builds different types of silencers in various dimensions depending on customers’ requirements and specifications. 


  • Reducing sound volume to 15 dB
  • High lifespan
  • Usage of high-quality materials
  • Low pressure-drop



Silencers made at Apadana Petro Farayand are a reliable solution for safeguarding the health of operatory hearing.